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Welcome to 2023!

A very happy new year to you all! I hope you had a glorious holiday break, relaxed, spent time with family and now you’re ready to start the year with vigor! Production News! I’ve been BUSY! Super excited to share some of my behind-the-scenes work I’ve been doing. For starters, Nuela Charles (give her a…

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Making Ideas Happen!

I'm SUPER excited to share… If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve likely seen my latest personal project! It’s come full-circle and I couldn’t be more overjoyed with how it all turned out. My pantry space was a typical pantry with shelving that held all of those ‘basics’, as well as dry and canned…

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Scotch & Woodworking

If you know me, you know I like to partake in a little night-cap… of the scotch variety. Do I have some favorite brands, heck yes! I’ve loved Scotch since I was a kid. At family gatherings when I was younger, I was always the one sneaking off with the adults’ scotch glasses to take…

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