Dog Bowl Workshop

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What To Expect

When you arrive at Rusted Petal for your workshop you will be directed to a station at one of our 2 studio tables. Masks and clean safety gear will be at each work station. There you will also find all the materials and tools necessary for your project along (Each person will get their own set of tools). After a brief instruction on the tools, you will be using you will be taken step-by-step through the building of your product. After a short break, you will have the opportunity to finish your project to fit your specific taste. Paint, stain distress the choice is yours options and samples will be available for ideas. 

Please arrive 10 minutes early so the workshop can start promptly.

Please wear clothing that you can get dusty and potentially paint on, we are all careful but spills do happen from time to time.

Individual workshop times will vary however most will be approximately 3 hours.


If you should feel sick in any way, you will not be able to join the class.  Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of each workshop refunds cannot be offered. We will however be happy to reschedule you into another workshop or you can take home your project in a take and make kit.

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Rusted Petal

Dog Bowl Workshop

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