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Get Your Hands Dirty: Why DIY Workshops Rock for Unleashing Creativity

DIY workshops are becoming increasingly popular as people seek to learn new skills, become more self-reliant and explore their creative side. Our workshops offer a unique opportunity to engage your hands and mind, allowing you to create something on your own. Here are a few other benefits of attending a DIY workshop and why it will be great:

  1. Hands-on learning: our DIY workshops provide a hands-on approach to learning, allowing you to experiment and explore new materials and techniques (with someone always close-by for guidance). This allows you to engage your senses, giving you a better understanding of how different materials work and how they can be manipulated to create something unique.
  2. Creativity: our DIY workshops are an excellent way to tap into your creativity and let your imagination run wild. These workshops are in a safe and fully-supportive environment where you can experiment and take risks, without the fear of failure.
  3. Socialization: our DIY workshops are also a great way to meet some FUN new people who share similar interests. 
  4. Mindfulness: attending a DIY workshop can be a meditative experience that allows you to focus on the task at-hand and disconnect from the distractions of daily life. Need a stress reducer – come build!! HAHA (but honestly, it can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  5. Personal Growth: our DIY workshops can also be a way to challenge yourself and push beyond your comfort zone. 

Rusted Petal LOVES sharing space with people and our workshops are an excellent way to enjoy a night out while creating your very own masterpiece.

3-Tiered Herb Planter

Our 3-Tiered Herb Planter is a fantastic addition to any summer garden. Not only does it provide an attractive and space-saving way to grow a variety of herbs, but it also makes it easy to keep them organized and accessible. With this planter, you can have fresh herbs at your fingertips all season long! Imagine …stepping outside to pluck a few sprigs of basil or mint for your summer cocktails or salads. The possibilities are endless! Next workshop is May 27!

Cherish Your Little Ones’ Precious Moments 

Our Heart-Shaped Memory Box is a beautiful way to keep your most cherished baby items safe and secure. From their first booties to their first blanket, this box is a perfect place to store all of those special mementos that you want to keep forever. Not only is the heart shape a beautiful and unique touch, but it also adds a sentimental value and can be engraved with your little one’s name, date of birth and any other detail you would like. Imagine passing this down to your child when they are older and sharing with them all of the precious memories that it holds. Whether you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, our customer-made heart-shaped memory box is an excellent way to keep your baby’s most treasured items protected. It’s a keepsake that will bring joy and nostalgia for years to come. Order yours now! (*2 week approximate turnaround time on all orders).

May Madness: A Calendar of Events 

Our May calendar of events are live on Instagram (always watch out stories for links or see our highlight section for ALL past and present workshops). It’s another busy month and workshops are filling up!! Book online or contact me directly.

Calling all Production Crews

There’s a NEW page on the Rusted Petal website that highlights all of those fun set builds we’ve done in the last year! From art direction to camera work, every aspect of a production/set build is crucial for the success of the shoot and we take great pride in our work! If you or anyone you know needs a build, HIT forward and send them this email so they can take a look!

See you in the Shop!

Ang xx