• This is such a unique and fun thing to do with your friends. Who doesn’t like to use power tools!!  We made a beautiful Christmas Tree Box which looked like it came out of an expensive furniture shop. I will be using it for many years to come. The evening was a blast and of course, when everyone was done we finished it off with some wine and goodies. Angela was very helpful, it was organized and I can’t wait for the next project

  • Rustled Petal hosted a Christmas Box Building evening in December. When we arrived Ang had everything pre-cut in our own working station with our own individual tools, as well Ang has all the screws, nails etc put together. It was a very easy, simple evening of building. It was a great fun evening with friends, Ang is a experienced teacher that was able to help out and teach all of us along the way. When all was finished we had a Beautiful Christmas Tree Box, all our together and painted. I can’t wait for the next class!!!!

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