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To us, there is no better feeling than admiring a piece of beautiful wooden furniture or décor crafted by your own two hands. Except maybe the feeling of attempting a new project that scares us a little and learning something new!

When Angela Wolfson started running out of room for her handmade woodworking projects, she knew she had to do something so she could keep her stay-at-home parent “hobby”. Her friends were in awe of her stunning pieces and wishing they had the skills to do it themselves, and that's when it clicked, she knew she had an amazing opportunity. Rusted Petal is a fusion of these ideas.

We are passionate about offering our clients gorgeous, well-made pieces that will spark conversations and become a favourite feature in their home. Each item is made individually and by hand, so they come with their own character and subtle variations, and we think that makes them even more amazing!

We also believe in empowering others to try new things, and passing on the skills, knowledge, and the feeling of pride that comes along with completing a successful wood working project. Our self- taught expertise gives us the ability to relate to our clients who may not even own a power tool, and we tailor our instruction so everyone comes out of class with a fantastic product, no matter their skill level.

With artisan furniture and décor available through the online store as well as fun, fully-guided DIY workshops, we have the perfect piece for you whether you prefer to simply enjoy it, or experience the making of it.

What People Are Saying

‘You truly get what you pay for…I have known Angela for 8 years now. She is the most talented lady I have ever met – and I am old and have seen it all! I have watched her build furniture in her garage for numerous years and she has now opened her own shop “Rusted Petal” to teach workshops and sell her amazing products.
I have taken workshops with her and it is a wonderful experience. Very knowledgeable, outstanding safe workstations, and state-of-the-art tools to work with. Her items are the best of the best and you can make them as well. Anyone taking a class or purchasing her products will be so pleased. She truly is a hidden gem.
Maggie Knorr,
Angela has organized some innovative workshops. My girls have loved making the projects and appreciate the help as they made them and learnt new skills. Angela’s attention to detail is equally amazing.
The workshop is like a dream and I love how the new products are displayed.
Would definitely come again and make more new projects
Tanya Dandugula,
I started with a take-and-make kit and couldn’t have been happier. Angela is a delight to deal with and her personality and love for her company shine through her.
Jeannette Rothwell,

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