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The Confidence You Gain, By Taking One Step

Ladies, confidence is that one thing we all want in ourselves and it holds incredible power in how our lives are shaped, do you agree?

When we possess it, we radiate it! 

When we are self-confident, we are resilient and self-assured.

When we OWN it, we can approach new challenges and pursue our goals! 

Here is your chance to take one small step toward tackling a NEW challenge and gaining confidence in yourself, join Women with Tools in YYC.

Our Vision

There is always some intimidation and fear around trying something new, or putting yourself out there. We get it! Particularly in areas that have traditionally been associated with a more masculine domain, however, it’s important to note that groups such as ours, have been specifically designed to help women navigate these gender norms! Angela herself even felt hesitant when she pursued her dream, opened her own shop and took on custom orders. 

You never know until you try. And we’re here to give you that extra boost of confidence!

Building confidence is a lifelong journey and joining our group, which is focused on providing women with a new skill set OR allowing women to be a part of a community, really focuses on empowerment to build that confidence.

The Build

The Modern Planter Box we’re all going to build (and ROCK it) is a stylish and contemporary take on a traditional gardening box. Gone are the days of plastic round pots in only a few colors; now garden boxes take on impressive architectural elements with sleek lines, bold shapes and/or innovative design features. Ours has some of this; simple and straight lines with a clean design, which is well-suited for a minimalist aesthetic, and is the perfect build for someone just starting out! 

Angela can offer suggestions and ideas around how to stain or paint the planter box once it’s completed and we encourage the same commitment to exploration and expression in the group

Join Us!

We start very soon! This is it, your invitation to join our group and build with us!

Let’s do this together.

Ang xx

“The build is your blank slate, offering boundless opportunities for creation and innovation.”