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April: Embracing Renewal and Growth This Spring

Discover the power of embracing new hobbies this April with our spring guide to workshops, custom builds and how to grow your garden!

Heart Shaped Memory Box

A handmade memory box is more than just a container for your precious keepsakes. It is a personalized work of art that holds the power to transport you back to cherished moments and memories from your past. Each box is crafted with care and attention to detail, making it a truly unique and special item that you’ll cherish always. Whether you fill it with old letters, photographs, or small trinkets, a handmade memory box will become a beloved treasure. It is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love – a heartfelt way to celebrate the past.

Handcrafted using maple and walnut, the heart-shaped box comes with a lid and can be custom engraved. Order yours now! (*2 week approximate turnaround time on all orders)

April Calendar

She’s a busy one! April is a great month to get involved in our workshops that can help you enhance your garden (whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a novice gardener). Some of our workshops are new this year, and we’re SO excited to build together and learn as we go! *all workshops are fully-guided. Make sure you check our schedule online and book it ASAP – they fill up quickly.

3-Tiered Herb Planter

Our NEW 3-Tiered Herb Planter is a fantastic way to grow and showcase a variety of herbs in a compact (and attractive) space. Want to know how to achieve some awesome results with it? Here are a few ideas… 

For the top tier, consider planting smaller herbs that don’t require a lot of space or root depth. Some great options include thyme, parsley, chives. The second or middle tier, is a great place to plant slightly larger herbs that require more root space. Some good options; basil, rosemary and sage! And for the bottom tier, you might want to consider planting herbs that have a deeper root system and require the most space. Some excellent options include mint, lavender or dill! 

Do you want to come and build this with us? Sign-up online… our next workshop is April 15

We Hope to See You!

April is a vibrant and exciting month FULL of workshops that will give you help you learn, GROW and get creative! Even if you’re new to building, our events offer you a chance to explore new interests, connect with like-minded individuals, and expand your skill-set! 

So, mark your calendars and make the most of this busy and fruitful month! See you in the shop!

Ang xx

April: Embracing Renewal and Growth This Spring - Rusted Petal